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Two Poems by A.R.Salandy

Tawdry Social Worlds

Interconnected are bright lights

Ever morphing under moons

That wax and wane with no thought

To cities like stars plentiful

That shine societal endeavor

Out in to the oblique cosmos,

For rough hands till soil

Whilst some don splendid firs

And haute couture,

A fallacy of rugged individualism,

Derived from bruised stones

And pedantic consumption,

Lost on hive minds

That inhabit worlds reproduced in language

And pervaded by inequality,

Where some feel guilt

For statuses ascribed

And others are left to soothe

The bitter lips that dwell

Just beyond panning cameras,

Just beyond previous failures,

For there is no return to past temptations,

Only an ever accelerating future

Tenebrous and unknown,

In tawdry social worlds.


Ashes rest languid and dullen

On tiled floors, tired and stained,

As snow falls to tightly caress

The tarred tears of misfortune,

But on as others choke

One is left to question

If inhalation singular

Must be so freely absolved

From the persistent,

Whose vices disturb the plural

Now many and stricken

With vexatious chants

Against decimation multiplied

Through the burning cries

Of self-flagellation,

For addiction gains animosity

When selfish desire dares

Consume all humanity.

Anthony is a mixed-race poet & writer whose work tends to focus on social inequality throughout late-modern society. Anthony travels frequently and has spent most of his life in Kuwait jostling between the UK & America. Anthony's work has been published 95 times internationally. Anthony has 1 published chapbook titled 'The Great Northern Journey'.

Twitter: @anthony64120


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